I designed the Buff & Go because due to the growing list of clients I was servicing outside of my salon. Although servicing clients outside the salon was lucrative, it was such a hassle to transport my supplies from place to place. Now with the Buff & Go, I just pack my supplies and throw my Buff & Go in the trunk of my car, and off I go.

I created the Buff & Go to be the ultimate portable workstation for nail technicians; a portable workstation on wheels that lets professional manicurists tend to their clients anywhere and anytime. The work station lets you provide spa-type manicures and pedicures for your on-the-go clientele. The mobile industry is a growing rapidly, and the Buff & Go is the right tool that will help nail technicians across the globe create wealth as a beauty professional. The Buff & Go is revolutionizing the mobile beauty industry, creating a pool of wealth for self-employed and independent contractors servicing the nail industry.

By investing in the Buff & Go, you are not only becoming leaders in the beauty industry but you now have the tools to build your mobile beauty business. You are separating yourself from the rest by showing your commitment to taking your career to the next level. If you work your business with the Buff & Go, you will see explosive growth in revenue from your mobile clientele. By making your business portable, you are positioning yourself to make unlimited income.

I hope you chose to embark on this exponential wealth building adventure with the Buff & Go.


Keep shooting for the stars.