Frequently Asked Questions

Are their any discounts available?2018-10-22T02:44:10+00:00

Yes. There are student, educator’s and salon owners discounts. Please call 1-866-644-2833 for details.

Does your company sell any other products?2018-10-22T02:43:45+00:00

Buff &Go currently has one product and several retail items are available.

Will any size foot tub fit in the Buff &Go unit?2018-10-22T02:43:14+00:00

No. The Buff &Go unit has two different models, Dr. Scholl’s foot spa with bubbles model # DR6624 and the Belava foot bath w/disposable liners.

I wonder if the Buff &Go moves when servicing a client due to the wheels?2018-10-22T02:42:46+00:00

The Buff & Go unit does indeed have wheels on the back of the unit, however the front of the unit after rolling sits flush with the floor for safe manicure services. The unit does not roll while performing services.

Can the Buff &Go unit fit in any size car?2018-10-22T02:42:10+00:00

The Buff &Go unit has been proven to fit in either the trunk area or back seat of many small and medium size cars. For safety of spill, please close all products tightly.

What price should I charge?2018-10-22T02:41:40+00:00

When traveling to mobile clients it is considered to be a VIP service. The convenience and luxury that follows mobile home or office service is an added charge for 1 VIP client, a spa manicure or pedicure could easily cost $65-75 dollars, full set $75 &up. Price does vary depending on size of party or gathering.

If I am a Cosmetology student, can I benefit from the Buff &Go?2018-10-22T02:41:08+00:00

Whether you are an Esthetician, Make-up Artist, Barber, Cosmetologist or Nail Technician this workstation is for you. The separate compartments are roomy enough to store a curling stand, mirror, clippers, curling irons, and much more. Storage containers with lids can hold product, tools, rollers, and make-up and the 15x 16″ work surface can compete with any portable workstation or table. All beauty professionals can benefit from using the Buff &Go workstation.

How do I solicit potential mobile clients?2018-10-22T02:40:39+00:00
  • Example. Hello. My name is Jennifer Jones. I am a mobile nail technician. If you can have a gathering with 5-10 of your family and friends who would like manicure/pedicure services. I will do your services for free please call me for your next girls night in. And, if you have clients already, start asking them to have a pamper party or gathering.
  • Offer 15% cash back for gathering or party.
  • Get business cards printed, advertising mobile nail service.
  • Call your local florist or wedding planner to list your mobile business.
  • If you have a spa, salon or barber shop, add mobile spa to your price list.
  • Note: Please check with your local state board for regulation on mobile services.


What packages should I offer?2018-10-22T02:40:14+00:00

You should always offer a manicure and pedicure combo package which would include spa treatment exfoliation, mask massage with bath crystals.

What should I pack for mobile service?2018-10-22T02:39:42+00:00

When traveling for mobile services you should always have the following.
Products for manicure/pedicure and full set application

  • Towels
  • Extension cord
  • Paper towels
  • Attachable lamp
  • Small plastic bag for garbage
  • Buff &Go towel bag
  • Implements
  • Alcohol
  • Sanitizer
  • Polish remover / Acetone
  • Cotton pads

And always remember to take only travel size bottles and close all bottles tightly.